Holistic Services

The bridge to holistic health

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ReLife Holistic Services

ReLife Holistic Services acts as a bridge, connecting you with area Meditation, Yoga & Reiki sessions, events  & coaches. We provide both private and group holistic lifestyle classes and services in Van Wert OH, Lima OH, Defiance OH, Paulding OH, Fort Wayne IN, & Decatur IN, helping you bring balance, health, and wellness into your world for complete mind, body, and soul alignment.

People are becoming more aware of their personal need for balance within their work/life and how they are affected by self-care habits and experiences

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Our Specializations

ReLife Holistic Services looks at the entire person and the situation, the mind, body, & spirit.

These types of practices and services, Boost your health, boost your happiness, boost your brain power; Increase the mind and body’s ability to handle stress, fear, pain and disease; Increase natural tendency to focus on the positive, elevating your mood while lessening irritability, aggression, anxiety and depression; Increase concentration, memory, focus and ability to problem solve.

It also helps Increase the mind and body’s ability to heal.