Our Coaches

Our coaches have years of experience working with both large groups and one on one to help people reach their goals.  Whether you want a personal Meditation session, or a group Yoga class, our professional staff will make your experience one to remember.

Our coaches are handpicked for your business according to the type of session you choose. All of our coaches are experienced in their practices, and they would love to lead a class for your business! There are so many benefits that come along with incorporating holistic group class into the corporate world that you won’t want to miss out on!

Education and Certifications

Lucy A. Mill B.S., BCPP, RPE, HHP

Lucy has been practicing energy medicine since 2013 and continues to expand her knowledge in the theory and science of energy in order to educate students and clients on how to keep their energy free flowing which in turn promotes health and well-being. Coupled with her many years of administrative and leadership experience, being the Director of the Global Academy for Energetic Education is the perfect fusion of organizational education while remaining hands-on and experiential.

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Heather Miller-Klingler, E-RYT 200

Heather completed her Hatha yoga teacher training at Still Waters Yoga in October 2014. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She holds the E-RYT distinction with more than 1,300 teaching hours. She is currently finishing her RYT 500 certification

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Audra Zinn, Reiki 3 Master Teacher

Owner/operator of ReLife Holistic Services, Audra is a Certified Meditation Coach, Hypnotherapist, Sound and Vibration Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner focusing on whole health lifestyle consulting.   

She brings new energy as a thought leader and community health activist specializing in providing opportunity and experiences through private services and group sessions, your location or in studio, with available online options.

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Stephanie Dixon, Yoga instructor

Stephanie's biggest passion is teaching and inspiring others within the practice of yoga. Over the past seventeen years she has been fortunate to gain an intimate knowledge of yoga as a path to personal healing and transformation.

In 1998 she had been suffering from a debilitating back injury for 12 years before finding the healing power of yoga.

Christian Totty, Health Professional

Christian has dedicated her time to nurturing intersectional healing and movements for justice. She has advanced training in therapeutic bodywork, whole food therapy, cultural studies, trauma-informed care and urban farming.

Lori Osterloh-Hagaman, Belly Dance Instructor

Lori has been studying Belly Dancing, also known as "raqs" for 20 years.  She found the performance troupe Troupe Zephyr ten years ago in Auglaize County, OH.  This style of dance increases mobility, flexibility, poise, and confidence. 

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Large Group Classes

ReLife Holistic Services offer a large variety of different group classes that can be practiced at your business/corporate office. We understand that each business has unique wants and needs, so we took it upon ourselves to give you access to an assortment of unique holistic services to practice within your business.

We offer group yoga sessions, meditation, guided visualization and breath-work, vibrational energy balancing, as well as other services to tend to your needs. Each practice is unique to itself with different techniques and results. There are plenty of options available to fit the needs of your business!

Convenience—we can come to you!

One of the unique characteristics about ReLife Holistic Services is that we can come to you! We understand that during our busy lives it could be a difficult task to have a large group of people meet at a specified location at a certain time of the day. Once you schedule your appointment with ReLife, our coaches can travel to your corporate business at your preferred time of the day to have your group session. We can schedule the group session before business hours, after business hours, or even on the weekends. If your business is interested in doing weekly sessions, we could arrange this as well.

Benefits your business could receive as a whole.

More and more businesses are becoming intrigued with cooperate group classes and the benefits that could come along with regular practice in the workplace. Group classes for businesses are doing so much more than alleviating pain and stretching out the body. Our corporate account classes help your employees create a stable metal and physical foundation that connects and brings balance to the mind, body, and soul. Our sessions allow growth in gaining mental strength and thoughts of positive wellbeing. The idea of joining in unity and practicing together can transfer motivation, accomplishment, and drive into the workplace. Some of your employees may have never tried group yoga, meditation, or visualization before—and that’s absolutely okay! Our classes are designed to be practiced by a full spectrum of individuals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi. There are tons of opportunity at hand!