Dealing with these uncertain times

You as an individual, possibly a business owner and/or an employee during a pandemic, locked down and quarantined, have been going through your day to day in ways that we’ve never before experienced in our lifetime. Growing up, we were not taught how to manage ourselves in times of long term, high stress situations. Oftentimes it was almost a “suck it up and deal with it” or “push through it” mentality spoken at us but no one taught us how to manage in the times we are currently facing.

So, how do we manage and regulate ourselves while being in the thick of uncertainty or even a global pandemic? How do we maintain social distancing while still wanting to get together? How do we not feel so lonely and isolated as we work from home or even just while wearing masks and those familiar smiles just aren't there to be seen anymore? The answer, we learn self-care for the whole-self, all the parts of us.

Learning how to connect on a deeper level through your mind, body and soul is an opportunity to have an understanding of ourselves, sometimes for the very first time while benefiting from the strength and support of one another. We need to feel and know that we are not alone because of the resources and support that is available for our personal growth. This is where the ReLife experience comes into play!

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