April Wellness Revolution

Did you know that meditation and mindfulness create a mental environment that positively impacts both mental and physical health for long-lasting results by rewiring the brain?

Learning different approaches to this practice is fun and can increase one's natural tendency to focus on the positive, elevating the mood, boosting circulation, brain power, mental health and immunity. Meditation also has a positive impact on workplace performance, focus, relationships and communication, and helps the body and mind to handle stress, fear, pain and dis-ease within the body.

What do you want to be getting out of this life?

How do you want to feel?

ReLife Holistic Services brings to you a healthy lifestyle opportunity focused on a 30 day cycle of wellness through the private work of Audra Zinn at My House of Peace. This workshop includes daily accountability and guidance with online and in-person options for participation. Our supportive experience is intended for those who wish to bring more of what they want into their lives with a whole-health approach to stress management, sleep and rest management, pain management, energy management and more.

Make this a new healthy habit in your life!

Get started by registering for this April Wellness workshop via email or by texting your name, email and "Join April Wellness" to (419)778-9301. Claim your spot by April 28th to receive a special 40% off as an early bird discount. This means less than $1 a day!

What a fine opportunity for those who want to learn more about handling their stress levels and managing their energy while building mental health tool box. Daily practice ques and check-ins are provided along with tips, techniques, live meditation episodes, and special events that welcome your participation.

Let the April showers count for something intentional.

*Sign up today for your April Wellness Revolution. Plant those seeds now!*

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