Manifesting with Meditation

Manifesting with Meditation is something that we have been doing past four weeks in a row during August and will continue this upcoming Monday the 31st as well.

When we are talking about manifesting, we are talking about something that is put into our physical reality through our thoughts our feelings and our beliefs. Whatever we are focusing, on is what we are bringing into our reality and through our focus during meditation and visualization, we are able to manifest our hopes dreams and desires!

So, how does this all work? During our one-hour session we talk about how and what we want to manifest. We claim it! We also work on getting rid of things maybe standing in our way some manifestation, roadblocks that maybe seemingly stopping us, things like a negative beliefs perhaps toxic people in our lives and even an unfocused mindset.

We take time to set our intention ,to meditate and visualize what we want to manifest ,focusing all of our energy and concentration into seeing it with our minds eye and letting all the good feelings about the object or outcome well up inside through multi-sensory visualization and heart space breathing.

We then question and figure out what the next action step is and connect a little further on that soul level. In addition to that, we really take time out to feel grateful, to recognize, and to appreciate that we’re on the verge of manifestation, that we are in Divine alignment, and we take that time for ourselves throughout the day to focus on staying positive and feelings excited about those hopes and dreams goals coming to fruition .

These past weeks we have focused specifically on what we want to manifest, being true to ourselves, defining our personal core values and beliefs. We have also focused on our mental disposition. How these factors can influence a person’s decision-making and can directly influence outcomes and manifestations!

This upcoming week we will be specifically focusing on purpose and petition. We will be questioning and aligning with our sole purpose on a very deep level through meditation while coming into coming to orient ourselves in the direction of our goals along with further acclaiming what we want to bring into our lives.

What do you want to manifest? Are you choosing something for the greater good? Is this a significant step in your journey? How do you really connect and set your intentions? Do you believe what you ask for you will receive?

To learn more about meditation and manifestation, join us Monday mornings at The Bachwell for our next class! If you have questions or require further information, feel free to call 419-778-9301.

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