Coming to a class.

I have lots of people write and ask me how to prepare for a class.

The answer is however will allow for you to have the best experience possible!

What types of items do you like to have around you in order to feel most comfortable? Do you get thirsty easily? Do you potentially get low blood sugar? Do you like to Journal? Are you affected if the room is perhaps a little too warm or too cool for your preference? When you lay down Do you like a pillow? When you close your eyes do you like the room to be dark end or do you like to see the light beyond your eyelids?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when preparing to come to a class. This information will be helpful when packing to be the most comfortable during your experience.

What I like to pack for a class can sometimes include:

  • a mat

  • a blanket

  • a pillow

  • my Journal or some paper and a pen

  • A favorite crystal or two

  • an object of focus

  • water

  • essential oil

  • eye mask

Having a few items at your disposal they make a difference during your experience. I have come to find that most studios and venues will have some or most of these items available however it is a good practice to bring the items that you think you would most desire. The items that you feel are essential in allowing you to have the best experience possible.

The idea is to feel comfortable in these situations so setting yourself up for success is key. Pre-paying for an event is the nice way to RSVP, save your spot, and not have the worry and fuss and exchange while arriving at your event. This energetic exchange is important as we, on one side show self-investment, and on the other side, show our appreciation for the service experience, time and space held with the coach or instructor and healer.

I would love to hear any ideas or any additional items you think are essential for you during your self -care classes be at meditation, sound healing, personal Reiki and or massage therapy sessions, or any other classes that you have attended where these comfort items are encouraged.

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