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Updated: Feb 8

ReLife Holistic Services - ReLife Holistic Services for February - Hot Deal - chamber – Lima Chamber

Where do you need a little attention and potential healing? February is a month of change, realizing where we need more balance. Let what you value become more and more clear for you by taking action steps to bring more balance to your life. Become more secure by taking action to release what isn't serving you. Reset on a personal level.

How do we do that? Have we been taught how to do that culturally or in our family settings? Usually, the answer is no. It's quite typical to be self-deprecating and put others before us, right? However, if we are not fulfilled, if we are not nurturing our soul, how are we able to give the best of what we have to offer?

* We only have room for 6 new Lima area clients at this time. Call and book today!

**Refer a friend, book in February, and you both receive $10 off your next service!

Interested in group sessions for you and your staff or perhaps an opportunity with your friends and family? We can definitely accommodate you with that as well! What are you thinking? Yoga? Meditation and Mindfulness? Hypnosis? Perhaps a sound healing session?

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