Sound Healing Classes and Private Services

Updated: Feb 8

Sound healing is not a musical practice. This is a service that helps to restore a natural healthy vibration. Sound is the slowest of moving energy practices and because of this, because the vibroacoustics, we are affected on a cellular and molecular level that is capable of shifting our DNA structure!

Sound healing and vibration therapy can be seen as a “control-alt-delete” of sorts for your entire system. This is seen as a self-care essential, essential for managing our energy input and output throughout the day. We are naturally in alignment and have not been built for an environment of dis-ease within the body. We have to set ourselves up for success out of the gate, right?

Not only are we hearing through our ears, feeling through the nervous system, interpreting in our brains, we are experiencing the frequencies able to affect our energetic field through these health enhancing harmonics. Essentially, if there is dis-ease within this environment, within the physical body, sound and vibration will be able to destabilize and re-pattern within the cell.

I have learned that frequency and intent equal healing sound, forming the bridge to whole balanced health.

ReLife is your bridge to holistic services and classes! We provide access to holistic health care practices and strategy throughout the community by organizing and hosting lifestyle and energy work classes, workshops and healing sessions for the health and healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

You are not alone! People are becoming more aware of their personal need for balance within their work-life, home-life, and how they are affected by their self-care habits and experiences.

These types of practices and services boost your health, boost your happiness, boost your brain power, increased the mind and body’s ability to handle stress, fear pain and disease; they increased your natural tendency to focus on the positives, elevating your mood while lessening irritability, aggression, anxiety and depression; They also increase concentration, memory, focus, and ability to problem solve .

Not too bad for laying back in comfort to experience a beautiful musical journey while being encouraged to open our heart-space through guided visualization, the miraculous world of vibration and psychoacoustics and vibro-acoustics. These frequencies enhance our natural vibration and allow for release of blockages both within the internal external and etheric bodies.

There are several ways to experience this amazing modality whether it be privately or from within a group setting, be it a community event, a workplace event or something you organize for you and your friends!

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